Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Institutional promiscuity

Can you recite to me how the U.S. Electoral College works?

Right. Why, then, is it so easy for a U.S. Senator to just switch parties....consequences include potentially reversing control of the U.S. Senate....preventing filibusters on key legislation....changing control of powerful sub-committees....reneging on implicit promises made to voters and financial supporters......

No legislative process. No bureaucratic hurdles. All completed simply by the spoken word.

Party-hoppin' is easy stuff, Arlen, so there's no need to assure us you're "full of vim vigor and vitality" - even if you are 79. However, a new photographer may help.


Tony said...

That's the risk you take with representational democracy.

robertjm said...

The Electoral College should be abandoned. It served its time a long time ago.

That said, while his defection to the Democratic ranks may look bad on paper, there is no way he's just going to roll over and vote by whatever orders are come out of the good Dr. Dean's mouth.

逆円助 said...
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