Monday, June 15, 2009

The usury thing

Usury...banks....usury....banks. I was bitterly reminded of this sad association when I logged into my B of A account last week to see I was fined $35 for running a $4 in deficit when I preempted my automatic deposit by 1 day.

I was reminded of this - twice - by U.S. mail.

Kudos, then, to the SF Public Library which blew up any stereotype of governmental rigidity when, upon receiving my DVD 1 week late (the case of which I'd returned on time but unfortunately without the actual DVD which was securely in my player at home), simply proferred a benign shoulder shrug and made no attempt to fine.

Government or bank? I'm leaning left.

I'm a far happier camper being held hostage by the gvt than by B of A


Adam Spitz said...

Neither of those policies sounds good to me. The bank's policy sounds too harsh, and the library's policy too lenient. But if I want to switch to a bank that has better overdraft policies (like it looks like ING Direct has, though I'm just basing that on a quick look at their FAQ - I don't know what gotchas there might be), I can. What do I do if I want to switch to a cheaper library?

Tony said...

1. There are private libraries too, although there's simply insufficient demand for them because public libraries are already so damn cheap, thanks to being publicly funded.
2. I use ING and their overdraft policy works exactly how they describe: awesome :-)