Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Idiocracy, Part 3

I know I've referenced this brilliant film twice in the past 2 months, but as the election thunders its way ever closer, I can't help but think of this movie on an increasingly constant basis.

Tonight's trigger? Obama's 30-minute infomercial. Can you count how many times words traditionally ending in "-ing" were pronounced ending in "-in'"? And identify what U.S. Senator omitted the "s" from the already-conjuncted "wasn't"?

I love Obama but I'm sad he and his communications crew aren't standing in the way of the demise of multisyllabic* diction:

*link provided for those ahead of me


Kurt H. said...

Great flick. Love how it was totally abandoned at the box office

biz said...

alas ... startling at first, until you reflect upon who is flooding the box offices? Are "B" films really "worse" than hits?