Tuesday, September 19, 2006

la vita es bonita!

December 11, 2005

¡hola de Hotel Marqueses a Cusco Peru!

Es claro that God has already answered many prayers in my short time here....not only have I arrived safely and soundly (no small feat!), but I was able to meet 4 travelers from Austin TX and spend the afternoon with them....and: they are also believers! And 2 (Sulma and Harold) are native Peruvians who will be getting married next year. They were able to share the ¨Peruvian perspective¨ on Cusco, Macchu Picchu, and faith...Jim has also lived in Tunisia as part of FOCUS missions (so I´m looking forward to connecting him with the Caters who will be moving there next year!).

I have also been spared (thus far!) the dreaded "altitude sickness" that did strike Frank of the aforementioned group...and feel great! Yes, definitely absolutely another answer to prayer.

Cusco is absolutely stunning -- the rolling mountains and imposing cathedrals and thick clouds...the brick, 1500s Spanish style churches make one think one is in Italy when they are lit up at night...but the people with their flat, brown features and short stature remind one that it is not Firenze (let alone Kansas :)!

As I wander around I am reminded that as much variation we can have in history and culture, people's needs are essentially the same...we all need grocery stores, bakeries, clothing and security....but most importantly, we all need Christ. It will be an illuminating time to see how ancient traditions and Christianity have fused together to bring His presence to this part of the earth.


Hi Diane!
It is so great to be able to read about what you are experiencing...I have been thinking of you and hope you continue to have a great time. We miss you in college group but know that God is using you for great things!
Cristo Viene!
Love Emily