Tuesday, September 19, 2006


December 30, 2005

Freshly arrived to New Zealand after miraculously sleeping on the 12-hour flight from Santiago. Initial impressions:

  • Vast, majestic mountains, lakes and greenery that make one feel one is surrounded by a national park - constantly.
  • Everything is pure and pristine, clean and new: the mountains, lakes and air, as well as the buildings, food and the people. Which is surreal...where is the poverty?
  • Is everyone really this content and mellow and pleasant all of the time?
  • Switzerland -- but laid back and adventurous. The sun is SUPER bright (thanks to global warming?).
  • My travel mates did the bungee jump from the bridge over a crystal-blue river that was the birthplace of bungee.
  • And the most shocking factoid from this culturally...interesting?...place: Kiwi refers more to the furry animal than to the fruit -- woo hoo!

Signing off so my travelmates and I can usher in 2006 before you all! :)