Tuesday, September 19, 2006

¡Yo soy Rebekah Spencer!

December 17, 2005

Si si si...that is what I was instructed to say Tuesday at Kilometer 82 - the starting point for most intrepidous souls venturing onto the Inca Trail ...this unknown 28-year old American woman happened to have cancelled her trip, but she was still on the official list of tourists who register to go on the trail (so Peruvians can regulate the number of people who go each year).

Alas, my name mysteriously was NOT on that list (despite having registered nearly 5 months ago...yeah I know some of you are laughing about that). So after doing a moral inventory, I now feel somewhat of a kindred spirit with Rebekah, as I have memorized her passport number by heart (I don´t even have my own memorized)...and a certain indebtedness, as without her, I would not have been able to experience the incredible beauty and splendor of the Andean jungle and mountains (for anyone planning to come, please note that other than this registration glitch, my tour operator was perfect!).

The rest of the trip was truly spectacular (except for the grueling stress placed upon certain muscle groups!). In fact, it´s pretty impossible to describe all the images, sensations, experiences and things I learned whether on a physical, emotional or spiritual level...so I´ll post a few concise words and wait ´til I get some photos to share with you (I haven´t quite reached the digital age yet!).

agradecido para todo su ayuda y amor!

a Cusco...